PBA - Palm Beach Atlantic

Pam Green, Take Two, Part Two

June 5, 2020

Part 2: Pam doesn't understand the concept of live video, podcast, or taking a call in the middle of a show! I explain what a podcast is and have a nice chat with daughter Shelby at the 41 minute mark. Oh... and Pam calls ou…

PBA - Palm Beach Atlantic

Pam Green, Take Two, Part One

June 4, 2020

Part 1: Pam and I remember the days at Palm Beach Atlantic College, Pam's insistence that I join the Facebook, and her bailing on the reunion.

PBA - Palm Beach Atlantic

Not "That" Amy Coons

May 20, 2020

Amy Coons attended Palm Beach Atlantic with me. She is a Senior Zookeeper at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

McGyver, Coronaviris and LivePD

May 16, 2020

McGyver (Jim Gallo) joins me to chat about what's been happening. We enter the reopening of Florida "Phase 1" and talk about our pools, McGyver 10 acre estate and Live PD.

PBA - Palm Beach Atlantic

The Real OC - Todd Shoemaker (PBA)

May 13, 2020

Crippling arthritis and predicted to be in a wheelchair within 5 years. A golf ball sized Thymus Cancer tumor. Myasthenia Gravis, a long-term neuromuscular disease. Young Onset Parkinson’s. Gastroparesis. Can all this happen…

SHS - Satellite Beach

Meant to Be, Lenny and Mary

May 9, 2020

Visit unclemarv.com to listen to other great shows See live shows on YouTube and The Facebook Host: Marvin Bee ( marvin@unclemarv.com ) Twitter: @iamunclemarv RSS: https://feeds.simplecast.com/dbgzAfi5 ===== Discussed on tod…

SHS - Satellite Beach

Mr Satellite Beach: Nino Frederico

May 6, 2020

Guest: Nino Frederico, Export Compliance Officer at University of Central Florida & hometown hero from Satellite Beach, Florida.

SHS - Satellite Beach

D. Gail Nixon as "Gumby"

April 29, 2020

You’re stuck in quarantine for 14 days with the third person who pops up when you type @. Who are you quarantined with, and will both of you make it out alive? Hear how Gail answered that question.

Chris Snyder - One of the Gifted

April 25, 2020

Some called it "integration" but it was supposed to be a program of "gift students" from different elementary schools doing God knows what. That's where I met Chris Snyder. We grew up together in Satellite Beach. Last year, …

SHS - Satellite Beach

"FBI" Recruit Gregg Ruple

April 18, 2020

Do you remember a specific turning point in your life? Meeting my childhood best friend, Gregg Ruple, was one of those points for me.

JA - NAJAC - Blojac

Uncle Marv 003: Live with Denice Schafer

April 13, 2020

Denice and I chat about Junior Achievement and fundraiser opportunities for her birthday.

Gound Zero

April 11, 2020

Me and McGyver testing some things out.

JA - NAJAC - Blojac

Uncle Marv 002: Live with McGyver

April 11, 2020

Jim "McGyver" Gallo joins me for the first interview of the podcast. Jim is a professor at UCF, but we knkow him more from his participation in Junior Achievemt and being the best man at my wedding.