SHS - Satellite Beach

D. Gail Nixon as "Gumby"

April 29, 2020

You’re stuck in quarantine for 14 days with the third person who pops up when you type @. Who are you quarantined with, and will both of you make it out alive? Hear how Gail answered that question.

Chris Snyder - One of the Gifted

April 25, 2020

Some called it "integration" but it was supposed to be a program of "gift students" from different elementary schools doing God knows what. That's where I met Chris Snyder. We grew up together in Satellite Beach. Last year, …

SHS - Satellite Beach

"FBI" Recruit Gregg Ruple

April 18, 2020

Do you remember a specific turning point in your life? Meeting my childhood best friend, Gregg Ruple, was one of those points for me.

JA - NAJAC - Blojac

Uncle Marv 003: Live with Denice Schafer

April 13, 2020

Denice and I chat about Junior Achievement and fundraiser opportunities for her birthday.

Gound Zero

April 11, 2020

Me and McGyver testing some things out.

JA - NAJAC - Blojac

Uncle Marv 002: Live with McGyver

April 11, 2020

Jim "McGyver" Gallo joins me for the first interview of the podcast. Jim is a professor at UCF, but we knkow him more from his participation in Junior Achievemt and being the best man at my wedding.